The Karst is the ultimate place to indulge in excellent cuisine. The hard, dry, red earth and the strong wind characteristic of this land give our local produce their unique and rich character.

Our restaurant offers truly delicious homemade dishes. First of all, this is due to our use of seasonal, locally produced ingredients, farmed on the unique red soil. And secondly because our dishes are prepared following traditional recipes handed down from our grandmothers. We offer a choice between typical regional dishes and Mediterranean cuisine, with specialities that include different types of meat, game and seafood.

Wine cellar

Come and visit our wine cellar and experience the wide array of fragrances, aromas and colours coming from the lovingly tended soil of the Karst and Collio regions. A 70m2 area is dedicated to several excellent Karst and Collio wines, which were made according to traditional methods. In addition to that we also have several excellent Italian and French wines on offer. The temperature in the cellar is constantly set at 14°C so as to ensure optimal conditions for the wines and to offer a pleasant retreat on hot summer days.

In our cellar we organise frequent wine tastings where you can sample the different wines along with home-made nibbles.