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Karstic style

Karstic architecture is functional and balanced. Traditionally, houses were only built using materials which could be found locally, and as such you will see mostly stone houses and rock walls. In the past, wood was a rare and precious material which was used only to build the most essential architectural features. Usually houses are built in such a way that the southern or western side gives onto the courtyard, while the northern or eastern side forms the back of the dwelling and faces the street.

The Pahor Hotel and Restaurant has an authentic Karstic soul. Our guests are welcomed by a mulberry tree, which is so characteristic of this region. The stone benches invite you to rest or chat in its shade. Our hotel is built from Karstic stone and has a typical wooden balcony. Traditional Karstic materials have been used for the furnishings too: stone and sturdy oak wood, and characteristic architectural motifs include acorns and oak leaves inspired by the local forests.

These are the typical features of a Karstic house which can be found in our hotel and restaurant:

  • Karstic stone
  • a wooden balcony with no external staircase
  • doors and windows with stone frames
  • wooden beams in the interior
  • engraved initials and an oak leaf with an acorn on the inside of the door frame
  • stone benches under the mulberry tree in the courtyard