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The Karst is a unique place. It is where ancient traditions are preserved. We obey them in our architecture, our cuisine, our way of thinking and our work ethic. The fascinating stone-built houses, the vineyards, the wells and the Bora wind lend the Karst its singular character. It is a region that is resolute yet welcoming, and the same can be said of the local people.

The Karst is there in the aromas that drift from our kitchen, and its soul glows in the eyes of our staff, in the house’s furnishings and throughout the surrounding area. You are most welcome, whether you are joining us for a short break or just for lunch.



with Hotel Apartments with Swimming Pool

built with natural materials such as stone and woods

The exclusive Pahor Hotel is situated in the picturesque village of Iamiano on the Karst Plateau. The first written accounts of this village date back as far as 1325. Our hotel is the perfect choice for all those who value heritage and prefer a more personal touch. It has been built and furnished in the traditional Karstic style, using natural materials like local stone and timber.
A wonderful atmosphere awaits you.

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The Rooms

Your comfort is our main priority

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We want you to feel at home in our hotel. That is why we have opted for an exclusive space hosting no more than 25 guests. This way we can get to know each of our guests and make time for them throughout their stay. You can choose between 12 rooms, all authentic in style, including two triple bedrooms, nine double bedrooms, and one single room. Each gives off the distinctive feel of the Karst: the furniture is simple and made of high-quality natural materials, most commonly local oak and Karstic stone. Bedding and towels are all made of the best cotton to give maximum comfort.

The Swimming Pool

Hotel Apartments with the Infinity Pool

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In 2021 we opened Four Apartments at the Hotel Pahor. They are fully accessorized and furnished with the same care and the same natural materials that we used in our Hotel.

At the front of the apartments we built the infinity swimming pool for complete relaxation during the summer.

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